First Reconciliation 2017

Parishes of Sydney Harbour North:

Sacrament of First Reconciliation 2017

  The Sacrament of First Reconciliation is celebrated in Term 4.  Children in Year 3 or above who have been baptised or received in the Catholic Church can participate in this program. If your child has NOT been baptised or received into the Catholic Church, and you want them to receive the sacraments, please contact the Sacramental Coordinator at the Parish Office ASAP as a Baptism program is offered in the September school holidays.


There are four weekly small group sessions, which every child attends with a parent/guardian. To start the process of forming groups it is encouraged that you talk to parents of children receiving the Sacrament and try to organise a parent leader, suitable day/time & a house to meet at each week. Groups range from 4-8 children. Organising your own group, time, place and leader by talking to other parents proves to be the most effective way to ensure everyone is happy. Do not stress about forming groups as the Sacramental Coordinator will ensure everyone is organised into a group but the aim is to encourage conversation in the early stages to help the process of forming groups. All group lists must be approved by the Sacramental co-ordinator to avoid unnecessary distress. Full training and resources are provided for leaders/hosts.If you can’t attend a session for a particular reason then a ‘catch up’ is provided at 3.30pm every Wednesday at the Parish Hall for the four week program. All parents understand that all elements of the program are compulsory. Preparation also includes weekly Mass attendance. 


Stage 1 of the enrolment is done online through a link on the home page of the Parish website.  Enrolments open on 29 August and close on 12 September.  Allocations to a Small group and 1st Reconciliation ceremony are done on the basis of completed enrolments (first in first serve). 

Stage 2 of the enrolment (deadline 12 October) is completed bymaking the $75 financial contribution OR emailing the Parish Office to request exemption AND providing a copy of the candidate’s baptismal certificate (unless child was baptised/received in one of the four Parishes of Sydney Harbour North).

The program is parish-based and family centred with the following elements:


1. FAMILY NIGHT: 6.30pm Wednesday 18 October at Sacred Heart Parish Hall, Cardinal St, Mosman.

Please note that the child AND only ONE parent are to attend. This ‘Family evening’ replaces the traditional ‘parent evening.’ The Family evening will provide information to children and parents about the program as children and parents will go on this faith journey together which is why it is expected that both candidates and (due to space restrictions) ONLY one parent attend. A photo of the children as a group will be taken on the night for our parish photoboard so it is essential that children are present on the night.


2. COMMITMENT MASS: All 8 Sunday (and Saturday Vigil) Masses on the weekend of 21/22 October:

The candidates and their parents are welcomed by the whole community, invited to show their commitment to the preparation program and are given a blessing.


3. Small Group SESSIONS 1-4 (including Sunday Mass attendance): In the weeks beginning October 22 & 29 and November 5 & 12: The candidate and at least one parent meet for four consecutive weeks for 1 hour in small groups.  If you would like to lead a group or have organised your own group (the leader gets to pick where & when the group meets) please contact the Sacramental Coordinator. 


4.RETREAT DAY including Ceremony Practice: Friday November 17, 8.45am-2.45pm at Sacred Heart Parish Hall and Sacred Heart Primary School: Candidates all come together to spend a day in reflection.


5. RECONCILIATION CEREMONY: You will be allocated one of the following: Tuesday November 21 at 5pm, Tuesday November 21 at 7pm, Wednesday November 22 at 5pm, Wednesday November 22 at 7pm. 

ALL 1st Reconciliation ceremonies (using the 2nd Rite) ARE AT BLESSED SACRAMENT CHURCH.


Kind regards,


Thomas Dabbah, Sacramental Co-ordinator, Contact details:8969-3202 or

Link to your Group


Sunday Night Mass

The 6pm Mass at Sacred Heart Church on the second and last Sunday of each month is geared towards young people and young adults. Come along to celebrate our faith together with friends.