These are the Sacraments for school-aged children

  • Baptism
  • First Reconciliation
  • First Communion
  • Confirmation

A Parish-based, family-centred program

Our dynamic and interactive Sacramental Programs for school-aged children are at the heart of the life of our Parish community. They touch and revitalise our faith community. Families involved are treasured and prayed for by the wider community, as parents prepare their children to receive the sacraments of Eucharist, Reconciliation and Confirmation.

The First Reconciliation and First Communion programs are family-centred to assist parents in the preparation of their children and to offer the support, which can come through meeting in a small group at a family home. They give due acknowledgement to the primary role of parents as educators in faith of their children, while providing opportunities to reflect at an adult level.

The small family-group sessions are held in the home of a group member. The material in the program is arranged so that parents and children might dialogue together at each session and begin a sharing which can continue at home. 

It is envisaged that:

– Children are divided into groups of about six to eight, with their parents and a
trained leader who is one of the parents or a parishioner, and who facilitates the
session in each small group.

– Children sit with their parents and together they participate in the

– The initiation of children into the sacramental life is the responsibility of the whole parish community into which they are being initiated. Parents play a key role, as they gradually increase a spirit of faith in their children, and with the help of the parish community prepare them for the fruitful reception of the sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist. The role of the parents is also expressed by their active participation in the celebration of sacraments.

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